1. What are the items that you sell on your website?

Our website is your partner in making your vision come alive. We know how it’s like to not have the products that you need at home. And we want to make sure that you will never miss another item ever again. We are just one click away from getting the products that you can use in your house. Browse our pages to know the items that you have to get.

  1. What companies are you affiliated with?

We partner with local popular brands and international companies that create top innovative products for the household. Some of the big names that we have in our store include GE, White Westinghouse, Panasonic, Ardes, Esse 85, and Euroflex, Jura, Isomac, and so much more. We guarantee that all of the products that you can buy from us have quality materials and functions.

  1. What are the particular products that I can find in your shop?

We offer household products to our website visitors. Customers can get cleaning products like vacuum mops, floor cleaners, and robot vacuums. If you are in search of kitchen appliances such as mixers, blenders, grinders, slow cookers, pots, and pans, you can see them all here. Other appliances like ironing boards, security cameras, garment steamers, hair blowers, and hair irons are also sold in our shop.

  1. Do you sell spare parts in your store?

Yes. All appliances degrade in function due to the deterioration of parts and regular use. Wear and tear are experienced by the mechanical elements and electrical wirings. In times like these, you need spare parts for your appliances. Check our website and browse them by category.

  1. When can I order from your shop?

You can order anytime. Our shop is open to our customers from day to night. Register with us to make ordering faster and more convenient to you.

  1. If I have questions regarding my order, what should I do?

We make sure that the process of orders is as smooth as possible for our customers. If ever you have questions regarding your purchases, you can send us a message through our contact page.