How to Iron Clothes Correctly

To look like a million dollars, you must make sure that your clothes are well-ironed. Your garments must not have a speck of wrinkle on them so that you will have a dapper look every time. Ironing your clothes will also make you look more professional while you do your work on tele2 glasvezel postcodecheck. Generally, ironed clothes are easier and more comfortable to wear compared to clothes that came directly from the dryer.

But what does it take to iron clothes properly? What are the steps that you should follow to do your ironing right?

Prepare all your materials before you start ironing

List the things that you will need to iron your clothes. Going in and out of the room to prepare your materials can take so much time and effort. It will also be very tiring on your part. Instead of putting all your energy on the ironing, you will walk back and forth to get them one at a time thus making a good catch on vergelijk glasvezel en kabel for easy to follow tips.

What are the materials that you will use? First is the iron. You actually have two choices to iron your clothes. One is the garment steamer, wherein the device uses steam to iron clothes. Your other option is a flat iron. In the steps that follow, we will be discussing the use of a flat iron.

The next device that you need is an ironing board. You have different sizes available for an ironing board. Get the ones with a sturdy base so that it will not tip over easily.

For better results, you can prepare two other materials. One is the starch. The next one is the spray bottle with water in it.

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General Rules

Plug in your flat iron and set the temperature according to the needed heat. For thin fabrics, it is recommended to use lower temperatures. For wools and similar textiles, you can use a higher temperature.  Tips and guides on how to do this are also available on YouTube – make sure you have good net connection using the glasvezel internet providers vergelijken plan.

For your wardrobe with sleeves, start with the sleeves first and then work your way on the rest of the shirt. On the collar part, make sure to lay them all flat before ironing them or get a bad impression on the fabric even with goedkoop internet en tv ziggo instructions.

For dresses and skirts, you can start from the top and move down. Watch out for intricate designs so as not to ruin them.


  1. Linda D. Nielson says:

    Nice article. It covers pretty much what the basics of ironing are. You have to control the temperature of the flat iron. Too much heat can make the flat iron stick to the fabric, thus, permanently damaging your clothes. Different flat irons have different temperature setups, so just read the manual for better guidelines.

  2. Henry M. Colon says:

    What if I do not have an ironing board right now? Is it safe to just do it on any flat table or bedsheet? I know that I should use the right tools for the job. But just in case an ironing board is not available, I think the next best thing would be the bed or the blanket on a flat table.

  3. Donna says:

    I don’t iron my clothes no longer. I just buy clothes that do not need ironing. This saves me a lot of time and money.

  4. Greg I. McKay says:

    I would love to read about an article on how to use garment steamers. I have been hearing a lot of good things about garment steamers. They may cost more than the usual flat iron but they get the job done. Hopefully, you can publish more posts about using various products on the market. s

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